How to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning Woes and Win

How to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning Woes and Win

Crack your windows open. It’s time to let the honeysuckle-infused breeze in and let out the negative energy that hibernated in your home over the winter. It’s time for a little spring cleaning. So, stretch your muscles out, it’s going to be a hefty job!

Cleaning your whole house is a big project. That’s why we’ve made a checklist to make sure you don’t miss a spot!

your lawn spring cleaning

Your Lawn

Chances are, your lawn and garden received the least bit of love and care over winter. Outside of clearing the driveway of snow, there were few maintenances you need to do for your garden. And little motivation to do them during the colder months.

When spring comes, there might be some overgrowth that you’ll need to tend to. Start off by clearing the clutter. Get rid of dead annual plants, take advantage of the damper soil of spring to easily pull out weeds, and start your new compost pile with the residue.

In the same way that you need a fresh start every spring, so too do your plants! Look out for new buds in your perennial plant before you start pruning them. Lobbing off old branches will encourage the plants to grow new, flowering ones.

Spring is also the perfect time to do necessary fixes for your lawn. Re-seed the damaged parts of your garden. You should also work to get back the fine-lined edge that separates your yard from the flower bed. It’s more polished that way.

your patio spring cleaning

Your Patio

It sounds ideal and straight from a movie: it’s the first spring morning, and you’re outside. You sit leisurely, waiting for the sun to rise higher, as you sip on your favorite hot beverage. The gentle warmth surrounds you until you’re ready to go back inside.

A tempting scenario, but you can’t really do any of that when your patio furniture is all dusty from disuse. Before you haul your fixtures out of your warehouse, you first need to clean the patio itself. Set your plants aside and do a thorough sweep. If you see any stains, scrub through them and rinse the deck with a garden hose, preferably one with a spray attachment.

Even if you kept your furniture covered throughout winter, it still collected dust. With the same garden hose, rinse it through to get the dirt off the harder to reach places.

A dry cloth would usually be enough to clean the surface, but do note the material of your furniture. You’ll need a toothbrush to get to the nooks of wicker. Metal can accumulate algae and rust, so you’ll need a stronger solution – like disinfectant – to clean it.

Make sure to do this on a sunny day. You’ll want to give your furniture as much time as possible to dry. If you need to repaint them, leave it as a task for the next day.

your family room spring cleaning

Your Family Room

A general rule for spring cleaning the inside of your home: start from top to bottom. Vacuum and clean your ceilings and your walls first, as well as anything else that’s up there. Ceiling fans, the tops of bookshelves, the spaces behind paintings and portraits. 

While you’re at it, now would be the perfect time to take down frames and books and wipe them one by one. You can take the time to arrange them how you want them too. Did you just get a complete set of your favorite book series? Line your books up chronologically, by shape, or by color. 

Take care to clean the oft-ignored areas of your living room: vacuum your couches and the spaces beneath them, wash the drapes, rugs, and windows, and dust down your lamps and other surfaces. 

Though the living room is the largest area to clean this season, it also takes the least effort to get everything spic and span. Outside of maybe sanding the scratches off of wooden furniture, the tasks don’t require a lot of muscle. 

If you have children, now might be a great time to check if any toys have rolled under the furniture. Apropos, if any of your children are able-bodied, ask them to help move the couch away from the wall. Those nooks need cleaning too.

your bathroom spring cleaning

Your Bathroom

Just in case, it should probably be mentioned that you need to vacuum the walls and ceilings of every room. As well as clean the windows if you have them in your bathroom.

Aside from that, bathrooms have unique problems you need to deal with. Due to an almost constant stream of water and steam, bathrooms risk growing algae, mold, and water spots. They’re not just a stain in your tiles, mold can give your bathroom a musty stench.

It’s best to clean your tiles with a baking soda solution or another neutral cleaner. Mop the floor to clear it of grime. This same mixture would work well with grout too. Just let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a hard brush and rinsing.

Baking soda has another use for the bathroom. Mix it with some salt and pour it down your shower drain along with some warm vinegar to freshen it up. Let it some for a bit and then follow it up by running hot water down the drain.

Remember to wash the rugs and curtains in this room too, including the shower curtains depending on their material. Microfiber cloth would work best for the mirrors since they don’t collect lint.

your kitchen spring cleaning

Your Kitchen

There are some problem areas in the kitchen: the microwave, fridge, pantry – those are a few spots you might not see in your general cleaning.

Start with the areas that usually have a lot of traffic. Your kitchen sink might not seem dirty since it’s practically washed every time you do the dishes. But it needs a good wash every now and again. Use some aerosol on your stainless steel faucets to keep them shiny. By dropping lemon rinds and cold water down your garbage disposal unit, you can keep it smelling fresh.

Lemon, in the form of essential oil, is equally useful when you want to clean your microwave.

Using a bottle filled with water and a few drops of oil, just liberally spray the solution inside your microwave. Leave a damp sponge in the middle of the dish, turn the appliance on for two minutes, then let everything cool. Once you can pick it up, use the sponge to wipe the grime off every side of the microwave quickly. White vinegar works just as well, but lemon leaves a better scent hours after you’re done cleaning.

Lastly, now would be a great time to really clean your containers. Empty your fridge. Wash every shelf and wipe the contents with a clean, dry rag. If you have an older refrigerator that’s prone to collect large amounts of ice over the freezer, unplug it until they melt away.  

Do the same thing with your pantry and cabinets. Throw away any food that’s spoiled or otherwise left unused. If you haven’t yet, arrange your foodstuff with a container system for easy access.

your bedroom spring cleaning

Your Bedroom

Spring cleaning a bedroom is rather standard, compared to the other areas in your home. Wash your sheets, and comforters like you usually do every month. While your mattress is bare, take the time to vacuum it, then continue as you have. Wipe your windows, dust the surfaces, and sweep the floor.

One area to note in your bedroom is your closet. Or well, the things in your bedroom in general. Check if there’s anything in your room that doesn’t belong there: a book you finished but never brought back to the shelves, dishware, anything. Put them back in their proper places before tackling the real challenge that is your wardrobe.

Now would be a good time to reassess your clothes. Do you need to free up space in your cabinets? Collect them in categorized piles of things you want to keep, give away, and trash. There’s no use hanging on to worn, ill-fitting, or uncomfortable clothing. They’re better off given to charity or sold in a garage sale.

If you keep your makeup, skincare, and other aesthetic products near your dresser, deal with them too. Those things expire even if they don’t have a precise date written on them. Check resources for the shelf life of each item, but a general rule is to throw them out after more than a year of use.

Clean your brushes by washing the bristles with hand soap. You can apply it directly or put it into a mug with water so you can squeeze out all the makeup from the brush.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an outrageous task. You just need to devote a couple of hours every weekend to the task. If you plan things well and encourage your other family members to participate, the job will be done in no time. Then, you can celebrate with comfort food and the fresh air that comes with cleanliness.

Did this list help, or did we miss a spot? Let us know!

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