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Best 50 Ideas for Nursery Baby Girl

There are plenty of home renovation projects that a homeowner can do, and plenty of different ways that a room can be made over. If you’re expecting a baby soon, congratulations!

But by this time, before your baby arrives, you should be preparing for their coming by preparing a nursery room—a room dedicated to fostering your baby’s growth.

The variety of options that you’ll have on hand can become just as daunting or even more frightening than the idea of putting it into reality. There can be a lot of different ideas for you to choose from, and choosing just one can be tiring!

Lucky for you, there’s this guide to help you sort things out. The life of an expectant parent is worrisome enough, wouldn’t it be nice to have a helping hand?

To help make your experience of setting up a happy nursery room all for your upcoming baby girl more exciting than anxiety-inducing, keep in mind the following tips and ideas.

If you deal your cards well, you just might find the right room design that’s perfect for you. Yes, you! Not just for your much-awaited little human, the nursery is a space that you’ll end up spending a lot of your hours in, so you’re going to have to take you and your spouse into consideration as well.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before we get to the specifics of it all, here are a couple of baseline advice that should set the stage for the preparation and planning process. Remember: proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance!

While you’re thinking about the nit and grit of your nursery’s design, try and keep the following things in mind to keep you consistent.

Pick a Palette

One of the first things that anyone should do for any room design is to choose a particular set of colors to use. This is so that the entire room sings together as if it were in a symphony where all the parts play as intended.

Beginning with designing a color palette will help you get things started. Since it’s a baby girl, the obvious answers would be to add hues of pink, but don’t be constrained to just this!

Any colors can go, but most especially soft neutral colors such as beige and white can come along just fine.

Consider your Space

Just like any other room design process, you’re going to want to consider the space that you’re working with first. This is to help keep you from filling the room with as many necessities and ornaments as you need and want, while still keeping it spacious enough for you and the baby to move around in.

We’ll be going more in-depth about what things are to be considered necessities in a baby’s nursery, but the gist of it is that you’re going to need: a crib, a nursery chair, and perhaps several other storage compartments for the baby’s clothes and other things. Keep these in mind when you’re looking at the space you’re working with.

Think about Lighting

This is an aspect of the nursery that’s going to be important for both you and your baby girl. Keep a room too dimly lit and you might find yourself stumbling into things in the dark—or worse—injuring your baby.

To minimize the possibility of such incidents as well as to give enough light for your tiny human to see her world for its entirety, keep in mind the lighting.

Check the ambient lighting from the windows as well as from indoor lighting with lamps and bulbs.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

Quite too often, ventilation is the least considered aspect of room design. If you’re going to want to take good care of your baby girl and have her grow comfortably in her room, don’t ever forget to consider ventilation.

It’s important for your baby to get proper airflow to prevent any breathing complications, make sure that she gets good quality air, and maintain the temperature in the room.

The Essentials

Now that we’ve gone over the basics that you need to decide on and keep in mind, let’s get to what essential objects you need to have in your nursery room.

The following are pieces of furniture and items that you’re going to want to have in your room, either for a functional purpose or an aesthetic one.

Either way, all of these combined with the right idea in mind will give you and your growing baby the best nursing experience.


Of all the pieces set inside your nursery room, perhaps nothing trumps the importance of the crib. This is, of course, because your precious baby girl is going to be the one occupying this space. 

When picking out your crib, keep in mind the palette that you’ve set before. Then, consider the space of your room so that the size of the crib can be accommodated.

For the placement of the crib, consider which part of the room doesn’t get too much nor too little light, and which is the most well-ventilated corner of the room. See how everything’s connecting?

Don’t forget, either, to baby-proof the crib. Babies are bumbling, clumsy messes that don’t yet know how to take care of themselves, so it’s important for you, the parent, to be preventative. Set pillows and soft cushions for the sharp edges and hard corners of the crib.

Nursery Chair

As has been said, the nursery room isn’t only going to be used by your infant—it’s going to be a space you’ll be finding yourself in a lot, as well.

So, considering your needs should be in the list of priorities as well. This shows itself in acquiring yourself a nifty nursery chair to come along with the crib.

Consider the same ideas as you did with the crib such as color palette and the like, but take utmost care into choosing the right nursery chair that’ll provide you the best comfort when you’re cradling your darling little girl in your arms.


Toddler's clothes hanging on a white rack

Of course, the nursery room isn’t going to be taken up completely with just the nursery chair and the crib. You’re going to want to save a bit of space for various furniture that you’ll be needed for various uses.

Toy bunny sitting on top of a pink and white drawer cabinet

As an example, you’re going to want tables where you can safely place food items and baby bottles when they’re not in use, and most especially when your kid begins growing enough to be able to have playtimes and color their own drawing books.

Aside from tables, you’re going to want to save space for items used for storage. This includes bins to keep a collection of a stock of diapers, or dresser drawers to keep your baby girl’s clothes. You should also think about things like ointments and lotions.

If you’re going for an economical approach, be sure to opt for pieces of furniture that can find use even beyond infanthood. Think about whether or not the drawers and tables you’re going to buy now can find purpose even when your baby girl’s all grown, even if it’s repurposing.


Apart from various necessary furniture, let’s not set aside the importance of décor, especially for growing infants. Giving them decorations to keep their interest and stimulate their senses is important for their development.

Bright white nursery wall with several posters hung

If you’re stunted about which parts of the room to unleash your creativity on, the best place to start would be for the wallpaper or the general design you put on your walls.

You can opt for clever and calming illustrations of plants to give the room a bit of an organic feel, or you can stick to the color palette you’ve set on.

Apart from that, you should also consider adding child-friendly trinkets in the room put on display, for the similar purpose of stimulating your baby’s senses and keeping them interested and happy.


There you have it! Hopefully, by now, you’ve come up with the best idea that’ll suit not only your baby but you and your spouse as well.

Invest in a nursery room idea that’ll provide comfort for the caretakers while also ensuring the safety and good development of the baby girl. If you haven’t necessarily found the winning concept, then at least a good idea with which to start!

Just remember to take it easy and to find ways to make things easy for you. Taking care of your very own growing infant is tiring and anxiety-inducing enough as it is, so look for ways to give yourself an easier day!

Perhaps one thing that you can do, both for you and your baby girl, is to think up of a good nursery room design and complete it well. No matter the color palette you choose whether it’s pink or others, what takes importance is the family’s happiness!

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