55 Fantastic Living Room Ideas to Copy

55 Fantastic Living Room Ideas to Copy

The living room could quite possibly be the most important space in a house. Unlike the others, it’s not just for personal use. It’s the first space we come home to and also the first space guest steps into.

So, furnishing and decorating it to our preferences is no doubt necessary. If you have no idea where to start, look at our top living room ideas, and we’re sure you’ll be inspired right away.

glamorous gold living room ideas

Glamorous gold

If you want to glam up your living space, gold is definitely the color of choice. Use bulbs that give off a warm light to magnify the effect. Maybe throw in some coppers to make it extra special.

spacious with raised legs living room ideas

Spacious with raised legs

Create a spacious living room with furniture that shows a bit of leg. Throw in some rattan chairs and plenty of light, and you’ll have yourself a light and airy living space.

utilize all dead space living room ideas

Utilize all “dead space”

The living room holds a lot of stuff and storage is among the first factors you need to consider. Why not utilize “dead space” such as the space on top of the television or piano for extra storage? It makes for a lovely home for your picture frames too.

natural lighting living room ideas

Natural lighting

Make your living space as cozy as possible with neutral-colored sofa sets and plenty of windows to allow natural light to go through. Add in a glass table, and you got yourself some stress-free zone.

open window panel living room ideas

Open window panel

Why settle with a window when you can have a window panel that can be opened fully? Not only does it let the light come through, but also enough fresh air to make the space breathable.

cozy reading spot living room ideas

Cozy reading spot

Create the perfect reading nook in your living room by utilizing plenty of fluffy pillows. Enhance it and make it more visually pleasing by color-coordinating and putting a potted plant beside the space.

vacation vibe living room ideas

Vacation vibe

Spruce up your space with a little bit of a vacation vibe by inserting a circular rattan lounge sofa in your living room. Sitting up or lying down, there’s plenty of legroom to comfortably lounge on Sunday mornings.

patterned throw pillow living room ideas

Patterned throw pillow

If your space looks empty and you’re thinking of what to do, it’s simple! Just add in some patterned throw pillows to add character to the area and make it pop! Throw in some light illustrations too to make it feel organic.

color coordination living room ideas

Color coordination

Color coordination is undeniably one of the most essential parts of any interior decorating process. Different colors tend to inflict mixed emotions within us. One way to avoid an inconsistent mess is to choose a primary color and utilize various shades of it throughout the living room.

conversation starter living room ideas

Conversation starter

Create the perfect space for conversations by having sofas face each other. Add in pillows for extra fluffiness. Throw some bold paintings into the pot as a conversation starter, and I bet you it’ll be a while before you fall into dead air.

rustic vibe living room ideas

Rustic vibe

If your character is more on the rustic side, then you need to use wooden furniture and pair them with dark leather products in your living room. That’s the perfect aesthetic to match a cottage in the woods and campfires.

sheer curtains living room ideas

Sheer curtains

If your living space is small, then light and sheer curtains are the way to go. It not only serves to create some privacy and block harsh natural lighting but also provides your living space with the airy feeling it craves.

black and white living room ideas

Black and white

If black and white is your chosen color scheme, why not add a splash of metallic colors? There’s gold, copper or silver to choose from and make the black and white colors pop more.

attic window living room ideas

Attic window

Do you have a weird slope on the ceiling that’s making it hard to decorate? Instead of windows, opt for an attic window and customise a storage shelf for your books or tchotchkes. There you have it, a comfy living room where the angle of the light never results in glare on your TV.

colored wall living room ideas

Colored wall

Bold colors for your wall is a good choice all around, especially if you have a larger living room and you want to make a statement. But, for this trick to work, make sure you’re rock solid on color coordination.

chalkboard wall living room ideas

Chalkboard wall

For all the creatives out there, make your living space dynamic by turning your wall into a giant chalkboard. Just buy chalkboard paint and convert your living room to your studio in a flash. It’s also great for people who can’t commit to a mural design, this way you can change it as quick as you want.

throw rug living room ideas

Throw rug

Try a fluffy white or blush pink throw rug to elevate the femininity of the room. It’s so comfy that you could read lying face down on the carpet, and just take a minute to enjoy the moment.

throw blanket living room ideas

Throw blanket

Adding a throw blanket could also be a way to add some color and detail to the living room, so it doesn’t look too plain and simple. Plus, you can cozy up to it while you binge-watch your favorite movies.

sunken sofa living room ideas

Sunken sofa

To make an impact with your living room, try swapping standard sofas with a sunken sofa. It goes a long way to changing the general mood of your living room to one that’s more casual.

bohemian vibe living room ideas

Bohemian vibe

To achieve the bohemian-styled living room, use furniture made of wood or rattan. Pair it with a primary color and complement them with metallic colors, such as gold. Don’t forget about the greens, they make a big difference in filling up an empty space.

complementary colors living room ideas

Complementary colors

To make your area more lively and vibrant start with a complementary color scheme and pick your furnishings accordingly. Complementary colors are one of the designers’ “tried and tested” cheats for perfect coordination.

greens living room ideas


Adding greens in your living space certainly does wonders for it. It helps create a calming space. Not to mention you’ll be greeted by a long inhale of fresh air every time you walk into the room.

patterned wallpaper living room ideas
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Patterned wallpaper

Opt for patterned wallpapers to give more character to your living room and fill up empty space at the same time. The right wallpaper can be a great statement piece in your living room.

raw exposed bricks living room ideas

Raw, exposed bricks

To create a raw feeling, try the expose brick trend that was popular recently. Add a few plants to give it a more personal touch, so it doesn’t feel as “cold” or industrial for your living room.

patterned cloth living room ideas

Patterned cloth

Instead of paintings and picture frames, you can also put up a patterned cloth as a decoration to give it more flair and character.

class in black living room ideas

Class in black

Give your living room the class it deserves by going with black as the main color. One thing to note, so that it doesn’t result in a dark and gloomy living space, is to have plenty of light and black furniture with shiny or glossy finishes.

back to basics with white living room ideas

Back to basics with white

If color matching isn’t your forte, why not just go back to basics and go with an all-white color scheme? It’ll always make your space light and airy, and will steadfastly remain as a solid back-up plan in case experimentation doesn’t turn out great.

retro vibe living room ideas

Retro vibe

Obsessed with the retro vibe? Then, you must already frequent antique shops and the vintage corners of thrift stores. It’s time to put your haul to use, and decorate your living room with trinkets from the past to achieve a look that’s effortlessly old school.

funky vibe living room ideas

Funky vibe

Mix and match colors and patterns to create a funky vibe for your living room. Add some dramatic paintings and elegant furniture – maybe a mini-bar while you’re at it – to enhance the effect.

basement living room living room ideas

Basement living room

Uneasy because your living room’s all the way down in the basement where natural light can’t reach? Fret not! Just add more artificial lighting so you can see. If you want, you can even set a unique theme for it and turn your living room into a speakeasy or an underground disco.

steampunk vibe living room ideas

Steampunk vibe

In to steampunk style and just bought a home recently? Go with a grey or brown color scheme and metallic silver and copper furniture and decorations, and you’ll get your home sweet home.

victorian style living room ideas

Victorian style

Achieve a classy Victorian-styled living room with a few simple tricks. Choose furniture with elaborate designs and exposed legs, then pair it with a patterned rug and ceiling. Do it well and transport your guests into your very own version of Versailles!

velvet material living room ideas

Velvet material

Bring class to the living room by going with a pearl color scheme, a patterned rug, an elaborate chandelier, and some velvet pillows. Add in a little bit of silverware as decoration, and there you have it!

well chosen furniture living room ideas

Well-chosen furniture

Other than the color scheme, the furniture itself is a crucial part of decorating your living space. It could make or break the look and feel you’re going for, so choose wisely.

shelf living room ideas
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Don’t have much to show or to store in your living room? Go for a shelf to display your books and trinkets instead. It has the bonus of making the room feel more airy and transparent.

bean bag living room ideas
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Bean bag

While you’re at it, maybe add a bean bag to make the space extra comfy. It could be used as a reading chair or just somewhere to lounge at. It definitely is going to add value to your area.

statement furniture living room ideas

Statement furniture

Another way to make your area pop will be by making furniture the statement piece. This can be achieved simply by choosing a furniture piece that is a different color from the other features in the room.

photos living room ideas


Budget cramping your style a bit? You can always print photos to use as a wall decoration! It’s definitely easier on the wallet as there are plenty of free stock images sites to choose from. You can even use your own photos for a more personal touch.

pet owners living room ideas

Pet owners

Feeling restricted because a pet bed is going to break the look and feel of your living room? Don’t worry. There’s a rise of well-designed pet beds and accessories catered to pet owners like you! You can easily have the best out of each perk.

dramatic red living room ideas

Dramatic red

If red is the color of your passion and soul, why not incorporate it in your living space? It is definitely going to be the most IG-worthy spot in your house whenever a friend visits.

loft living room living room ideas

Loft living room

With paintings on the floor, posters on the wall and a full window to say what you want – this is the type of well-designed loft space we all need.

light bulbs living room ideas

Light bulbs

Well, a proper ceiling lamp does do a better job at lighting up the room when it’s dark. But, lightbulbs have their own added value too. The ambiance it creates satisfies all the romantic souls out there.

oriental style living room ideas

Oriental style

Love teas, oriental wood-working, and the landscape in older Asian art? Instead of posting up paintings, swap them out for Asian woodworks for decoration and swap beanbags for a floor cushion to bring out the zen from the room.

neon lights living room ideas

Neon lights

We love the neon lights in bars and restaurants. We can’t get enough of it. If you can’t get enough of the party life either, you can add them to your living room. It’s dope as hell, especially if you have a mini-bar.

lace curtains living room ideas

Lace curtains

Add a lace window and bring out the inner romantic side that you’ve always hidden away. It creates a soft and airy feel to your space and brings out the femininity in the room.

outdoor living room ideas

Outdoor living room

An outdoor living room can also be a great option if you want something out of the box. You get to look at the greeneries, and it’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests. Just consider proper shading from the sun and rain, and you’ll do fine.

antique style living room ideas

Antique style

Has antique hunting always been your hobby, you say? Then, show off your most treasured antiques in the living room by utilizing and making full use of it in real life! The compliments you get back are definitely worth it.

brass in style living room ideas

Brass in style

Create a modern, spacious living room with brass as the focal material. Its shine brings out a futuristic feeling. Pair it with bold colors, and you have yourself a winning combination.

eclectic vibe living room ideas

Eclectic vibe

Bring your inner quirkiness to your living room cause it’ll definitely pay off as a fantastic design choice. A tip for this is never to shy away from more eclectic furniture.

statement carpet living room ideas

Statement carpet

For most households, a carpet is a must. But why not bring it up a level higher and make it the statement piece of the house? Simply choose a rug in a separate color from the rest of your area, and there you have it.

laid back living room ideas

Laid-back living room

Create the perfect laid-back living room with wooden furniture and neutral earth colors to set your mind at ease. Better yet, add in a long window overlooking the world outside to make the room feel airier.

incorporate geometry living room ideas

Incorporate geometry

Aside from colors and furniture, you can also incorporate geometric lines to your living room to create a simplistic and minimal look and feel for your space.

paintings living room ideas


Spruce up your living space by hanging paintings up on the wall. It certainly helps with filling up the empty space and adds an artistic vibe to the room.

contemporary style living room ideas

Contemporary style

To create a contemporary look, remember minimal furniture and the addition of geometry lines is critical. This look will never go outdated.

futuristic look living room ideas

Futuristic look

Yes, you can achieve a futuristic look with colors too. It doesn’t always have to be white, gray, and silver. Just make sure there is plenty of white light and do make use of geometry shaped minimal furniture.

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