48 Gray Living Room Ideas for Chic and Modern Living

48 Gray Living Room Ideas for Chic and Modern Living

Grays are not usually found in living rooms or any other part of a house. Depending on who you ask, the color tends to look dull and boring. Don’t give up on it yet! It takes just a few tricks to upscale your gray living room from drab to divine.

dark and simple gray living room

Dark and simple

If you already have a darker gray and black color scheme on your walls, consider pairing it with simplistic and minimal design for your space. Maybe add in one bright focal point to bring in some contrast and make it pop.

gray white combo gray living room

Gray white combo

Are you living in a tiny apartment? Not a fan of unusual colors, either? Then, you could go with a lighter shade of grey and pair it with white and plenty of sunlight. It will give you so much airy space that even adding some black furniture won’t make it feel cramped.

adding greeneries gray living room

Adding greeneries

Zen up your living room, so it doesn’t give the impression of a dull and lifeless space. Add a variety of greeneries and foliage, maybe a running water fountain if you can swing it, and ta-da. Instantly revive your area with a refreshing breath of air.

cool gray tones gray living room

Cool gray tones

A light color scheme, cool gray tones, and minimal furniture design – this setting is simple but most definitely timeless and sophisticated. Perfect for those who just want a calming space.

a hint of romance gray living room

A hint of romance

Grays and pinks are bosom friends for adding a touch of romance and femininity to your living room without losing sophistication. It’s a perfect match for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living in a quaint dollhouse when they were little.

gray walls gray living room

Gray walls

Don’t avoid gray walls out of fear that it might be too gloomy for everyday use. With the right lighting, setting, and decorations, you can set aside the perfect reading nook in your living room.

patterned chair gray living room

Patterned chair

Complement a simple gray wall with the perfect patterned armchair. Especially one with a wild mix of colors. This will make the space look more exciting and give you a statement piece at the same time.

gray and orange gray living room

Gray and orange

Gray might make viewers feel a little depressed. But, you can counter that harsh energy with the addition of some orange pieces, such as throw pillows, that’ll pull their weight in making us feel brighter and happier.

geometric lines gray living room

Geometrical lines

Pair your gray-colored room with some geometric lines to spice up the aesthetic. Hollowed geometric fittings and furniture are excellent for small spaces as they don’t take up much space visually.

paint walls in a different color gray living room

Paint walls in a different color

If you have a color scheme in mind already, you can also paint your walls with gray and the chosen color then choose furnishing that might complement the wall color. The emerald green accent wall welcomes a hint of royalty to this living room.

black and white paintings gray living room

Black and white paintings

Increase the artistic energy of your living room by filling it with multiple black and white paintings to craft an entirely monotone place. Throw in a black and white rug too, if you have space.

royal purple gray living room

Royal purple

Purple has always been known as the royal color. Pair it with dark gray to bring slight contrast and subtle classiness to it. You’d be in awe at the elegant look and feel it emits.

blackboard wall gray living room

Blackboard wall

Open to gray walls? Consider taking that concept up a notch by making one side of the wall into a blackboard with a few coatings of the right paint. You can create your own artwork in your living room, and give yourself and your kids an avenue for creative expression.

light material curtains gray living room

Light material curtain

The addition of sizable gray furniture will make your space look smaller. Bring back the feeling of spaciousness by using thin fabric for the curtains to allow light to pass into the room.

quirky colors gray living room

Quirky colors

Like quirky colors, but are worried it might look weird as the main feature of your living room? Add in a dash of gray to negate some of that liveliness, but still make it a vital point of the room.

lighting gray living room


Lighting in gray rooms is crucial to add the illusion of space. It also helps make the room feel less drab.

statement wallpaper gray living room

Statement wallpaper

The standard look of gray is the perfect backdrop to bring out the full potential of a statement piece, like a detailed wallpaper. Just keep in mind that you need to match all the other fixings accordingly, so you don’t make your space look too busy.

tropical colors gray living room

Tropical colors

Why limit your color scheme to one primary color and one complementary color when you can pair it with multiple complementaries? It’ll give your room so much more dimension. As long as you stick to warm tones, cool tones, or tropical colors as the overall ‘scheme,’ you’re alright.

the perfect match gray living room

The perfect match

For lavender lovers, you can match the color with lighter shades of gray. Gray has the unique ability to bring out the hue and saturation of the lavender without leaving you with a too-dark living space.

classy space gray living room

Classy space

Bring classic elegance to your gray living room by having marble tiles as flooring. Add in a black rug, a fireplace, Lucille coffee table, and monotone porcelain pieces – it’s the most effortless way to add class to your room.

shiny surfaces gray living room

Shiny surfaces

Add some shine to your gray space with brass, gold, or silver fixings. The metallic surface reflects light well, and the different textures make your area more attractive.

steampunk lovers gray living room

Steampunk lovers

If steampunk is your aesthetic, go ahead and decorate your space with grays, silvers, and all things metal. Throw in some gear decorations to truly capture the feeling. It’ll undoubtedly be the most IG-worthy space in your house.

contemporary look gray living room

Contemporary look

Create a contemporary space with simple furniture, a large bookshelf at the back, a full rug on the floor, and a Lucille tabletop. Timeless design through and through.

reflective surfaces gray living room

Reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces are essential for gray living spaces. Especially those that are small or crowded. It can reflect both light and individual sides of the room to make it seem larger.

artificial lighting gray living room

Artificial lighting

Is it hard to get natural light into your living room? Artificial lighting gets the work done just as well. As long as your home is well-lit, whether it’s gray or not, it’s going to look amazing.

scandinavian look gray living room

Scandinavian look

Create the perfect Scandinavian living space with gray. Just add in wooden fixings and comfy sofas, and you’ll get a rather effortless look and feel that’ll make your living space your favorite spot.

organic shapes gray living room

Organic shapes

Square living rooms with cubed fittings and furnishings often give an organized and structured vibe. But if that is not what you have in mind, then you can add in some organic shaped decorations, rugs, or furnishings to make it feel less rigid.

play with textures gray living room

Play with textures

If pattern mixing is too bold for your taste, try playing with textures instead. You won’t have to worry about having a space that feels too busy. Whether you add in a velvet wall or rugged exposed bricks, it’s all up to you.

monotone space gray living room

Monotone space

Shying away from playing with colors? Monotone gray can look amazing in your home as well. Play with the different shades, and you’ll find yourself creating a calming color scheme quickly.

backlights gray living room


Besides utilizing colors and patterns to make your space more attractive, lights are a great choice too. Try installing some backlights to your wall, and you’ll be amazed how much more enjoyable it makes your gray living room look.

gray ceiling gray living room

Gray ceiling

Having the same colored ceiling as your walls is okay. There might be a problem when that particular color is on the darker side, as it could make your space look smaller. Install some ceiling lights to make your room appear taller than it is, and thus, less claustrophobic.

glass panel gray living room
Texture photo created by awesomecontent – www.freepik.com

Glass panel

Another idea for your ceiling would be to replace it with a glass panel, so it brings more light into the space. Imagine lounging under it to watch the night sky, it’s going to be a dream come true.

gray fittings and furnishings gray living room

Gray fittings and furnishings

You don’t need to repaint your walls to make a gray living room. Just invest in big pieces of furniture, such as sofas and bookshelves in gray, and you’ll get all the benefits of a gray room.

subtle earth tones gray living room

Subtle earth tones

Subtle earth tones with gray works like magic in making your space look sturdy, protected, and grounded. Feel calm and safe in your own living room after those weeks that feel too tiring.

satin curtains gray living room

Satin curtains

Light and airy fabric for curtains can’t offer as much privacy as opaque ones do. To avoid making your space look gloomy, opt for satin material for curtains as it has a glossy surface.

raw concrete walls gray living room

Raw concrete walls

Raw concrete walls have their own value. They add ruggedness to the room. Insert some wooden furnishings and shelves, and you have yourself a loft vibe in your living room.

muji vibe gray living room

Muji vibe

Achieve the trendy Muji styled living space with ease by using minimal wooden furnishings and basic cotton materials. For finishing touches, throw in some greens to zen up the area.

gray marbled floor gray living room

Gray marbled floor

You don’t need chunky walls or thin separators to differentiate between rooms. Different tile colors work just as well. Flooring is an essential part of a space too.

large tiles gray living room

Large tiles

Sometimes to make your space look bigger and neater, large tiles are the answers. It is especially crucial if you want to use darker colors like gray for a limited space.

autumn colors gray living room

Autumn colors

Sometimes autumn colors look like the duller versions of their hue, but when paired with gray, they stand out more. Thus, they’re the right combination of cool and warm tones for your living room.

sailor inspired living space gray living room

Sailor inspired living space

Like all things sailor? Then this is a good inspiration for you. Add in some striped throw pillows, a map painting, and an anchor and nets as decoration. Voila, your space is well-decorated, and you even have a coherent theme throughout.

gray and leather gray living room

Gray and leather

Gray and leather furniture are the ultimate combination to make a rugged room. Add concrete textured walls as the background, and find yourself in the bachelor pad of your dreams.

luxury in gray gray living room

Luxury in gray

The gray in this space does not seem dull at all. With the use of Lucille furnishings, reflective materials, and well-positioned mirrors, this space screams luxury and sophistication.

a hint of retro gray living room

A hint of retro

Paired with dusty mustard color and retro-inspired furnishings, the gray in this living room works well in creating a space that hints at the owner’s love for all things retro.

class in burgundy gray living room

Class in burgundy

Gray paired with burgundy, as expected, does not give much “pop” to the space by themselves. But with some wooden flooring and an appropriate amount of shiny decorations, it’ll subtly bring class to the area. 

rattan furniture gray living room

Rattan furniture

To bring out a handcrafted, DIY vibe for your space, you can opt for light gray schemes and wooden furniture, especially those made of rattan. It looks beautiful and sits well with your wallet too, as rattan pieces of furniture are usually relatively cheap.

armchairs gray living room


If you’re working with limited space and a gray color scheme, it’ll be easy to crowd your room visually, especially with a large sofa. Save yourself some money and invest in a small armchair that is easier to manage too. 

double toned wall gray living room

Double toned wall

To make your space more unique, experiment with a double toned wall. Just make sure that the darker colors are always on the bottom, so it doesn’t make your space look smaller than it is.

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