29 small bathroom ideas and inspirations

29 Small Bathroom Ideas and Inspirations

With housing prices rising quicker than the wage we are paid, big houses are only a luxury we can fantasize about, more so a big bathroom- the place we start off our morning right and wash away the weariness for the day.

But, who says a petite one can’t look as gorgeous and spacious at the same time?

Here are a few tips and tricks for small bathroom ideas that’ll help level up your bathroom so you’ll stop fantasizing and start living the life of an amazing bathroom owner.

white and bright small bathroom ideas

White & Bright

It’s no secret that light color makes the room feel bigger, as it is more reflective towards the light, making the bathroom look and feel spacious. If white is not to your liking, don’t worry, light colors like soft blues, greens, yellow, pink or others can give similar effects too

accent colors small bathroom ideas

Accent Colors

Really hate the idea of having a full white bathroom? Why not make your bathroom pop by adding accent color on the focal point of your bathroom to bring attention away from the size of it.

larger tiles small bathroom ideas

Larger Tiles

If you were thinking of installing tiles instead, here’s a neat trick: remember to pick larger tiles. They create fewer grout lines and make your bathroom look clean and tidy. You can cover the whole bathroom with tiles for a more traditional look. But, if you want to have fun with it, you can place the tiles over just one side of the wall for asymmetry.

marbled wall small bathroom ideas
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Marbled Wall

Or if you have some extra cash you’re itching to spend, consider a marble wall for your bathroom as it adds character and class, not to mention making the space look open and inviting.

natural-lighting small bathroom ideas

Natural Lighting

A window is already crucial for regular-sized bathrooms as it helps with ventilation, but for a smaller one? It’s more important as it makes the space feel light and airy. The larger the window, the better. There is no window too large.

utilizing mirrors small bathroom ideas

Utilizing Mirrors

Angle your mirror right and you’ll end up with a bathroom that feels spacious as its reflective properties not only shows you yourself but also bounces light, natural or artificial, to keep the bathroom bright 24/7.

installing skylight small bathroom ideas

Installing Skylight

If there is no space for a window, maybe there is one for a skylight? it works exactly the same as a window, allowing natural light to enter the room and what a relaxing thing it is to be able to bathe under the night sky filled with stars

glass separators small bathroom ideas

Glass separators

Separating a wet and a dry area in your bathroom is no doubt practical but what if space is already too small to be divided again in two? This is where glass door, tinted or not works its magic in creating a spacious room. If you’re on a budget, clear shower curtains work too!

clutter free small bathroom ideas

Clutter FREE

But at the end of the day, all the tips and tricks won’t work its magic if your bathroom has just too many stuff out in the open. Clutter-free is KEY to a neat, clean and spacious bathroom.

multi functional furniture small bathroom ideas

Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture really does contribute to clearing up space in your bathroom. Why not take a basin or a mirror that comes with storage for you to organize your daily necessities in, instead of leaving all out in the open.

minimalist items small bathroom ideas

Minimalist items

Minimalist bathroom fixtures and fixings not only provide you with what you need but also give you the sense of spaciousness, class and the clutter-free room you crave for as a small bathroom owner.

statement tub small bathroom ideas

Statement Tub

Another way to take attention off the size of your bathroom is by bringing the attention somewhere else. A prominent furnishing such as a statement tub does it’s trick every time.

slipper bath small bathroom ideas

Slipper bath

If a tub is not an option for the space you have, what about a slipper bath? As many slipper baths come in short version. Now you can have the dream bubble bath you’ve always dreamed of.

just let it drizzle small bathroom ideas

Just let it drizzle

And while all things fail, you can always revert back to a shower. Attach some glass door to separate the dry from the wet and you can still wash away the weariness at the end of the day, not to mention being able to save a few bucks from your water bill.

functionality first small bathroom ideas

Functionality first

No, you don’t need the painting nor the tchotchkes to bring some flair to your bathroom. You can get the best of both worlds by making functional pieces as decorations like a decorative mirror or a well-designed basin. Save yourself some money and space.

tall tier storage small bathroom ideas

Tall tiered storage

A general rule for saving or creating more space is to stack storage vertically. Try investing in multiple tiered storage shelves for all your daily necessities, it’ll definitely result in a neatly arranged bathroom

wall mounted fixtures small bathroom ideas

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Another rule of thumb for arranging bathroom fixings and fixtures is to arrange it against the wall. Not only it provides you a space to walk around but it also is the key to making your bathroom feel open.

built in strorage small bathroom ideas

Built-in Storage

If you’re at the beginning of construction, maybe communicate with the contractors to have built-in storage in the wall for your bottle storage such as shampoos, conditioners, face wash, and others more.

free standing furnitures small bathroom ideas

Freestanding furniture

Freestanding storage furniture also allows extra storage without the commitment as you always move it out and use it for another space.

furnish to scale small bathroom ideas

Furnish to scale

A key to remember while choosing to furnish is always keeping the size of your bathroom in mind, as you don’t want to choose a one that will take up too much of your limited bathroom space.

drawer organizers small bathroom ideas

Drawer Organizers

Keeping everything in place on the outside is good but organizing everything on the inside like your drawers also helps you to get the stuff you’re finding for easily while maintaining the neatness! Talk about efficiency.

cantaloupe rule small bathroom ideas

Cantaloupe rule

If you have space to spare and it’s on your list to have a statement decoration in your bathroom, here’s a great tip for you. Go for decorations that are big and attracts attention instead of lining up multiple decorations that may make the space look cluttered.

color management small bathroom ideas

Color Arrangement

Color coding may be tedious sometimes but it pays off in resulting in a bathroom space that looks structured and organized especially in a small space! So maybe try arranging your towel according to color the next time and who knows you might like it.

lucite if possible small bathroom ideas

Lucite if possible

Try going for glass or lucite bathroom fixing and furnishings. The transparency it brings will light up and open up your space much more as compared to fixings made from other materials.

create contrast small bathroom ideas

Create contrast

Create contrast in the bathroom with paint colors, furniture or even tiles to bring out more depth to the room. Preferably line the darker colors below and lighter colors on top to give it a more spacious look.

monochromatic color scheme-small bathroom ideas

Monochromatic Color Scheme

The use of colors from the same family will definitely open up space as the colors match seamlessly. Utilize soft colors complimentary or not to achieve the best result.

forget about the rugs small bathroom ideas

Forget about the rugs

With limited space, adding rugs might make the space look too busy and essentially smaller. But by ditching it, you can make space look bigger and definitely more hygienic.

light and airy fabric small bathroom ideas

Light & airy fabric

If you really must use a curtain, use ones that are made from light and airy fabric to bring softness and spaciousness to space. It really makes all the difference.

install more lighting small bathroom ideas

Install more lighting

If access to natural lighting is really unachievable with the unit you’ve just purchased, you can always use artificial lighting to brighten up the room to make it bright and spacious.

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