24 Laundry Room Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

24 Laundry Room Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

Quick honesty check: few people enjoy doing the laundry. Clothes are bulky and more burdensome still after a tumble in the washing machine. It’s back-breaking work, especially when there are stubborn stains on your whites. Your hands get pruny, and you still need to fold and iron the clothes afterward.

But it’s a necessary chore unless you want to risk wearing dirty clothes or nothing at all. Depending on where you live, laundry services are at least $50 a bag, and that’s not always an accessible price.

Here are a few laundry room ideas for making your space functional and pretty, so you can power through it while saving a few bucks in the long-term.

try green and marble interior laundry room ideas

Try green and marble interior

There are a few things to love about this small laundry room. First, there’s a light touch on the paint colors. A delicate shade of green could uplift your mood, helping you forget the pounds and pounds of clothes to wash.

Second, the contrast between the lighter paint and the dark marble counter and flooring have the same difference between earth and plant life. It makes for a more natural look without bordering on rustic, if that’s not your aesthetic.

Plus, the accessories are functional and fit the overall theme. The retractable drying rack, with hooks on the bottom, are painted the same colors as the rest of the room.

give it antique accents laundry room ideas

Give it antique accents

Elevate all-white spaces by filling it with thoughtful pieces. Though still mostly minimalist, the traditional fittings in this room give it more personality. Wicker baskets, refillable ceramics to replace detergent bottles, and a worn-looking washboard act as both tools and antique decor.

appreciate your hampers laundry room ideas

Appreciate your hampers

There’s a laundry basket for everyone. Handled hampers are great for hauling clothes and supplies from room to room. Ones with covers, like the woven wood lid on this one, keep your things tidy, which is especially great if you have an exposed laundry room. 

If you find baskets with fun designs, they can double as decoration for the space too.

decorate in a bold monochrome laundry room ideas

Decorate in a bold monochrome

There’s a different shine to a room painted in various hues of bold color. This all-pink space looks like it’s been coated in pink tourmaline. The shades found in the decor are as varied as the gemstones too. They range from blush to millennial pink to a deeper rose.

install metal utility shelves laundry room ideas

Install metal utility shelves

When you don’t have the time, or permission in the case of short-term apartments, to install shelves, utility shelves work in a pinch. They come in different sizes to fit your available space. Try to find the ones with metal grids wide enough to hook a hanger onto. Those work best for more versatile storage options.

buy drip attachments laundry room ideas

Buy drip attachments

Detergents are a real steal when you buy in bulk during sales. Lifting large bottles to fill a tiny measuring cup can be a challenge, though.

This is where drip attachments come in handy. They fit most economy-sized bottles and, once you lay them sideways like in the picture, you can dispense your cleaner from a convenient faucet-like flow.

pick a satin finish laundry room ideas

Pick a satin finish

With the exception of the bathroom, laundry rooms tend to see the most water usage in the home. This makes it especially tricky to pick the right materials to resist mildew while still looking chic. 

One way to solve this problem is to pick a satin finish for your painted furniture. Satin absorbs moisture well, in addition to having a glossy sheen.

get colorful appliances laundry room ideas

Get colorful appliances

Nothing brings an eclectic-styled laundry room right back down to norm than your standard white washing machine.

You might be lucky enough to find red and teal in your local home appliances shop. There might even be older machines for sale in gold and avocado shades. There’s just the problem of environmental impact with an old model.

If you’re worried about your carbon footprint and your overall aesthetic, you can go ahead and paint your appliances, so they match! It promises to take less time and effort than scavenging around stores to find the right shade of yellow to match your wallpaper.

basement laundry room laundry room ideas

Basement laundry room

When you have a huge basement and a large family, you’ll need heavy-duty appliances to fit the most clothes and clean them effectively. That means filling your space with large washing machines and dryers. But what if you’ve still got space to spare after that?

You don’t have to devote your entire basement to your laundry, especially not if most people make do in small spaces. Hide laundry items behind curtains so that you’re free to use the area for storage, exercise, and whatever else.

use a freestanding drying rack laundry room ideas

Use a freestanding drying rack

Admittedly, freestanding drying racks tend to take up more room than mounted ones. But here’s the rub: they’re usually foldable, which means they’re portable.

This is best for people who have a balcony, terrace, or other similar extensions in the home. Prop up the rack outside on a sunny day, and let it dry the old-fashioned way.

install a wall mounted ironing board laundry room ideas

Install a wall-mounted ironing board

Whether they’re folded or straightened out, ironing boards take up considerable space. In some cases, apartment owners might choose to go without boards altogether. Instead, they might prefer to iron their clothes over readily available flat surfaces.

Avoid this problem by installing a wall-mounted ironing board. By laying flat against one corner of the room, you’ll still have free space for shelves and the like.

contain everything laundry room ideas

Contain everything

Not only are containers useful for labeling and easy access, but matching boxes are also essential for creating a put-together laundry room. The decor in this laundry room is simple enough: white bottles to match white shelves, with barely-there green and brown for accents. There’s uniformity in the shapes too.

layer with mirror closing doors laundry room ideas

Layer with mirror closing doors

If you like the idea of hiding your laundry supplies behind a curtain but want a more upscale version, try mirrored doors. They slide open, so you don’t have to worry about the space it takes up. Plus, if you have a smaller room, the reflective properties go a long way to making it seem larger.

organize with floating shelves laundry room ideas

Organize with floating shelves

The main advantage of floating shelves is that they take up less space, literally and visually. For a more unique look that offers versatility, this is the way to go. Just look at this laundry room with shelves arranged in alternating steps. They’re functional, but they can also serve as zen-inspired decor when empty.

fit your necessities in a closet laundry room ideas

Fit your necessities in a closet

Sometimes you don’t even need a laundry “room” per se. If you’re living alone in an already cramped apartment, the only thing you really need is a washing machine. Maybe a dryer for rainy days. 

In this case, it would be best to find a wide enough closet to fit your appliances, then place them there. Most machines are less than five cubic feet, which isn’t a big ask. This closet manages to fit the dryer and washing machine with room to spare.

build a diy clothes hanger laundry room ideas

Build a DIY clothes hanger

As difficult as it is to find appliances to match your color scheme, finding furnishings might prove a challenge too. 

If your laundry room theme is bohemian, it might be easier to make your own accessories. By suspending this metal rod with thin material and coating it roughly with paint, it manages to look like a rustic wishbone for all your hanger needs.

repurpose bookshelves laundry room ideas

Repurpose bookshelves

When you don’t have built-in storage options available, bookshelves and freestanding shelves work just as well. Bring in old metal shelving units from the office for an industrial look.

fit ironing boards between appliances laundry room ideas

Fit ironing boards between appliances

Of course, wall-mounted ironing boards don’t offer the same movement as standing boards do. Freestanding ones tend to be cheaper too. When you’ve got the rumples out of your clothing, tidy up your surroundings by folding up your ironing boards. Then fit them into nooks and crannies out of sight.

maximize space laundry room ideas

Maximize space

Tiny homes mean you need to make use of every free space. This room is exactly as wide as two appliances set side-by-side. However, there’s a counter to fold and place clothes. There’s a hanger rack, a cabinet, and additional storage space above the cabinet for linens. Through strategic planning, you can make the most of any area.

try apple green paint laundry room ideas

Try apple green paint

The paint color in this room brings out a sunny, natural vibe that doesn’t get too bright when hit by natural light. It’s simple, solid, and an easy way to boost your energy to face the task ahead.

The matching low bench is a good place to rest tired bones after a session of handwashing too. Plus, it doubles as a storage unit with a hollow bottom.

productive spaces living room ideas

Productive spaces

Doing your laundry takes at least an hour, with wash and dryer cycles averaging thirty minutes each. And that’s just if your clothes can fit in a single cycle!

Why not bring your working space to the basement too? This way, you can answer emails and watch movies, all without worrying if the machine might overflow.

display art laundry room ideas

Display art

Who says all-white needs to be drab? Carefully select the items that you can inject with color to make them pop. You can create a high contrast with a sleek black counter. Or you could even invest in colorful wall art to bring life into a monochrome room.

get creative with your arrangement

Get creative with your arrangement

You don’t have to go bold to break from the norm. Even something as simple as changing how you stack things can bring a big difference to your perspective. 

Tired of seeing cabinets on top of your machines? Why not put them beside each other like in the case of this modular shelf. There’s a designated space for linens and towels, so they don’t get mixed up with your clothing.

affix wall hooks laundry room ideas

Affix wall hooks

Attaching wall hooks is a quick way to add more hanger space to your laundry room. Go for more decorative ones, like these black vintage hooks, so they can add a bit of spice to your area.

From creating a prettier room to storing your tools more efficiently, these laundry room ideas should help make the task more enjoyable. And if you already enjoy it? There’s nothing wrong with making your workspace a little sunnier.

Which trick was your favorite?

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