16 Fun and Trendy Bedroom Colors for Your Next Remodeling Project

16 Fun and Trendy Bedroom Colors for Your Next Remodeling Project

Everything begins in the bedroom. 

For children, it’s the first ‘safe space’ they know, where they can nurture a sense of self and individuality. For adults, it’s the place where you can power down and start anew after a hard day. The importance of being comfortable in your bedroom really can’t be understated. 

To make your space as comforting as possible, we chose some of the best bedroom colors and combinations to wake up to!

classic blue bedroom colors

Classic Blue

As decoration, classic blue is a deep, dark shade that’s best used in moderation. Even in a sparsely decorated room, Pantone’s Color of the Year is eye-catching as an accent wall. It immediately elevates the room with sophistication in spite of the light handling of the paint. 

The deep blue also makes it seem like you have the night sky in your bedroom. Without the tricky business of installing a skyline, that is. If you always wanted to fall asleep under the stars, painting your walls in classic blue is a close alternative.

pale blue bedroom colors

Pale Blue

On the other end of the saturation spectrum, pale blue is breezy and inviting. Blue is generally seen as the perfect color for your bedroom because it promotes longer and better sleep. This is because your eyes have special receptors that pick up the calming color and lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

As a bonus, more relaxing, subdued shades have the same effect. Pale blue, being a shade that’s a touch lighter than the previous one, works doubly hard to give you a good night’s rest.

all white bedroom colors

All White

Plain and simple, a bedroom covered in all-white walls is a perfect canvas. The most avant-garde pieces can stand out as the centerpiece of a white room without being gaudy. There’s more room to experiment with art styles when you have a white wall. The basic backdrop brings it all together while maintaining a look of crisp modernity.

Or, you can keep it simple. In the case of this bedroom, you can choose white furniture pieces that vary in texture to usher in the most light without seeming monotonous. An all-white bedroom and home will never be out of style.

all black bedroom colors

All Black

On the other hand, all black is harder to manage and a little less ordinary. Black is a versatile color, but less so when it comes to interior design. Dark rooms run the risk of being too sad or drab.

When you nail the look, though, it can be rewarding. Just look at this room. Streaks of light grey dull the impact of the solid black wall, but it’s still a monochromatic look.

Fuzzy bed sheets and heavy drapes make this the perfect place to disappear for a weekend. You can hide from the sunlight and your problems in this little void of a bedroom.

soft yellow bedroom colors

Soft Yellow

Waking up energized is just as crucial as getting ample amounts of rest. With a soft yellow bedroom, you don’t have to compromise one for the other. The warmth of the color is cozy and inviting in the evenings without being overwhelmingly bright. And, in the morning, it gives your room a cheerful ambiance. The light that bounces of its walls is ideal as a natural alarm clock too.

cream bedroom colors


Soft, plush, and bright – the brown to cream to off-white colors found in this room looks like a chocolate bar. It looks good enough to eat. This bedroom features a strong case for minimalism done right. There’s only essential furniture in the room, and that lampshade practically blends into the wall, but it doesn’t feel bare.

The way the light reflects off the tile floor gives it a feeling of cleanliness and perfectionism. It’s chic and, if we had to guess, it’s probably owned by a Virgo.

deep brown bedroom colors

Deep Brown

Brown and white are the cornerstones of a lot of interior design styles and for a good reason. The color combination is safe and timeless. Any shade of white is sure to match any tone of brown, even natural wood colors, and the effect remains the same.

The twist with this photo is that a solid brown accent wall is the star of the bedroom. Brown isn’t limited to just the furniture. Instead, it’s the opposite. Shades of brown are broken up by a white bed frame. Otherwise, it’s the dominating color.

emerald green bedroom colors

Emerald Green

Much like its name implies, emerald green is vibrant. When it’s under the proper lighting, it’s also the type of hue that sparkles. That’s probably why the gold and crystal accents in this room fit right in. Peacock curtains and a floral-patterned mural definitely add to the fancy vibe. Add to this the softest bed you can find, and you can rest luxuriously every night.

pale green bedroom colors

Pale Green

A green that’s barely there invites a more natural look. Large wall-to-wall windows, oak, and a faux fur rug complement each other to make this bedroom feel down-to-earth. The muted nature elements make the walk to your bed as scenic as a walk in the park. The sky blue accents and fake flowers pull the bedroom into modernity.

lavender bedroom colors


Blue and purple are analogous colors, meaning they’re beside each other on the cooler end of the color wheel. That’s what makes this lavender bedroom so harmonious despite the varying shades used. Mixing this theory with a color-blocking technique gives this room more dimension too.

gray bedroom colors


As a rule, gray is neutral and complementary, no matter how dark or light your chosen shade is. In this case, it’s dark enough to stand out against the other neutral-colored furniture in the room. It adds balance and maturity to a place that already abides by the rules of symmetry.

A more extravagant touch, like that art deco chandelier with warm lighting, works as an excellent centerpiece for this type of bedroom.

coral and turquoise bedroom colors

Coral and Turquoise

The perfect color combination for beach homes, coral and turquoise are both reminiscent of the ocean. Incidentally, they’re complementary colors too. While bright colors might usually be found in a child’s bedroom, the lines that run through the solid colors give it a polished, mildly geometric look. It’s youthful without being childish.

Despite having elements that lean toward a sunny, summer vibe, the contrast with fresh turquoise makes this bedroom look cozy.

nude palettes bedroom colors

Nude Palettes

There is a reason why nude colors are popular in the beauty industry. Since the concept of “nude” colors diversified to include skin tones of varying shades, you suddenly have a wide selection of complementing colors to choose from. Pale pink, olive green, dark mustard, and ash brown – all fall under the umbrella of a nude palette.

If you’re looking for a colorful bedroom, but don’t understand the basics of color theory, this is an option. You can create a beautiful bedroom by picking up furniture that matches an established palette. It’s rather forgiving for a beginner.

pale pink bedroom colors

Cool Gloss

The sheer vividness of this bedroom makes it look more like a post-impressionist painting than something from real life. There’s a mess of colors to be found: from silvery blues, purples, and mint to the deep warmth of walnut. It’s a wonder how this room looks so cohesive.

But it does. Instead of matching colors, this bedroom has the same glossy texture throughout. Silk sheets and a thick coat of varnish pull this room together. The artwork over the bed frame completes the creative look.

cool gloss bedroom colors

Pale Pink

Pink isn’t often seen as a “traditional” color, especially not for bedrooms. But, when you use it sparingly in a patterned tile, you set it back in history. Used here, it looks vaguely Bohemian.

There’s a beautifully stark contrast between the predominantly pale pink tiles and the bright red bed covers. The point here is to set the bed far apart from the walls. The effect renders the differing patterns of little consequence because they’re supposed to be two separate pieces. The off-white walls mellow the room out.

dark with pops of color bedroom colors

Dark with Pops of Colors

Clean, crisp lines of bright color against a black or white motif is central to Google’s famous Material Design. The same elements used in a bedroom, no doubt, give it the same contemporary look, and the orange hues in this one pop against the black wall. It’s a bedroom that both resembles your Instagram feed and absolutely deserves the spotlight on your ‘gram.

Ultimately, a bedroom is your space and your personal sanctuary. 

Are you a night shift employee who just wants to doze away with as little light and noise to interrupt you as possible? Then, the black bedroom does just that and has enough Dracula vibes to intimidate intruders. 

Light and light-colored drapes will be perfect for you if you’re a morning person who wakes up at the crack of dawn. There were different kinds of ‘artsy’ bedroom ideas too if you’re a creative type who’s not afraid to play with color.

There is a bedroom color for everyone and, if we’re talking about comfort, your preferences play a significant role in finding it. So, which one was your favorite?

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