15 Best Kitchen Colors to Refresh Your Food Prep

15 Best Kitchen Colors to Refresh Your Food Prep

Food splatters on the wall, wayward footprints tracked in sink water on the floor, steel hardware that’s lost its luster – a busy kitchen can get dirty fast. And, when you’re always cooking something up, the view can be repetitive. 

Whether you’re looking to hide stubborn stains or you just want to freshen up your walls, a new paint job can do wonders for your kitchen. Below is a round-up of some fun kitchen colors to use when the old one’s getting stale.

black and red kitchen colors

Black and Red

Walls aren’t the only things you can add color to. There are cabinets, drawers, shelves, and counters to tinker around with. A minimal monotone is classic – especially if you’re working with white – but this kitchen shows how a good accent can really pop.

Between black cabinets and a white backsplash, the red high-gloss acrylic shelves are the unequivocal centerpiece of this kitchen. It’s relatively contemporary in design, looking as smooth as a race car. The material of the red cabinets reflects light too so that the room isn’t overwhelmed by dark colors.

The best part? Stains on high-gloss finishes are easy to wipe away.

black kitchen colors


In the same vein, an all-black kitchen is sleek. When most hardware comes in black, your kitchen can easily complement your furniture, creating a cohesive and intentional image. The only problem with all-black is that it might make your kitchen too dark.

A high-gloss counter, like the one pictured, is an excellent way to balance the brightness of the space. But you still have to make sure you’ve got a good source of natural or artificial light nearby. Try to accent it with brighter or shinier pieces too, such as the gold pulls and gold-and-silver honeycomb backsplash in this kitchen.

maroon kitchen colors


They say warm colors make you hungry, and that’s why they’re the best kitchen colors. Warm colors tend to be bright, though. So, it’s understandable that you might not want to commit to such an eye-catching kitchen color fully.

As a workaround to this problem, you can paint your cabinets in a more muted warmth, like the maroon in this kitchen. Then, keep the accents as neutral as possible, whether with white, brown, gray, or the more natural colors of wood. It still brightens up your kitchen, but it’s not an overwhelming amount of color.

chalk board kitchen colors

Chalk Board

Function meets style with chalkboard walls in this kitchen. It’s like having a black kitchen that you can freely write on. This is great for multitasking parents who have to cook while watching the kids. The kids can entertain themselves in between small kitchen chores by doodling on the walls. If your house members have busy schedules, it’s also a fantastic way to leave each other reminders and letting them know about food in the fridge.

brown kitchen colors


Brown and brickwork patterns don’t always have to translate to a traditional ‘rustic’ look.  The matte light caramel island in this kitchen is the same shade as milk tea. It looks good enough to eat as it stands in the center of this minimalist kitchen. With matte cabinets, bronze pendants, and a flat white brick backsplash, the room looks at home in a fancy condominium in the city. 

The only traditionally rustic pieces in this kitchen are the wooden stools. But they’re accessories, additions to character, rather than an anchor that sets the kitchen past the line towards homeliness.

classic blue kitchen colors

Classic Blue

There’s one thing food and Pantone’s Color of the Year have in common: they offer connection. Food connects parents to their children as they pass down recipes. It connects immigrants to their homelands, and people of different backgrounds to each other. In the same way, classic blue offers a sense of connection by being a reassuring presence. 

As both of them are reminiscent of home and comfort, it seems right to choose classic blue as your new kitchen color. Paint it on your cabinets with a semi-gloss finish like in this kitchen and let it surround you. Black and gold accents add class to the already elegant color scheme.

black and white kitchen colors

Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combination. It’s safe, and it’s everywhere. In other words, it’s kind of the basic option for your kitchen decals.

If you still love how versatile they are together, one option would be to find a fun black and white patterned wallpaper like the one in this kitchen. It even blends perfectly with the rose gold highlights and most other colors. Still, you’ll be adding personality to the typical colors.

all blue kitchen colors

All Blue

You might scoff at the idea of adding tile to your kitchen, especially when they’re pale blue. The color is often reminiscent of bathrooms and other sterile settings. You might even vehemently refuse the idea of having a monotone color scheme, thinking that it’s dull.

But there’s nothing to scoff at about this all-blue kitchen. The light bounces off of the walls in a way that always makes it look clean and fresh. The fresh produce looks as vivid against the backdrop as a fauvist painting. That said, it seems like the perfect kitchen color for food bloggers and photographers.

gray kitchen colors


As a neutral color, gray is often used as an accent since it complements any prominent color you choose. As the primary foundation to build your kitchen with, it’s advised that you should choose brighter colors for accents.

But what if you want to devote your kitchen space in gray since it’s your favorite color? This kitchen avoids feeling humdrum by playing around with shapes. 

While the island is painted a solid gray, the color’s broken up in the rest of the kitchen with varying patterns. Gray streaks break up the island counter into a marble look. The lights and cabinet fronts are also geometric and unique.

marble kitchen colors


You’ll never again have to wonder where you should use marble accents when you fill your kitchen with them. By alternating between black and white marble, with contrasting veins, of course, this kitchen is just bubbling with charm.

It might seem challenging to match the furniture with the dense patterns of this set-up, but remember that these are both neutral colors. Stick to solids for the furniture, as in the case of these brown and lilac stools, and you’re safe.

If you’re planning to copy to this all-marble kitchen or install marble countertops, remember to be careful of lemon juice and other acidic liquids. They can burn the beautiful veining of your material and leave behind a white splotch.

khaki palette kitchen colors

Khaki Palette

A quick way to let some nature into your kitchen, without actually bringing plants in, is to use a green color scheme. The camouflage palette used in this kitchen looks like your own mini-forest in your home. The color blocking technique used, alternating the colors of the cabinets, helps in making the kitchen stand out. Natural wood in the countertops and open shelving unit sell the natural look.

pale blue gradient kitchen colors

Pale Blue Gradient

‘Gradient’ refers to the range of hues and shades between two or more colors. When applied, it refers to a style where one color gradually fades and turns into another color entirely. In this case, it’s when pastel blue turns into a bright white.

The island is a blue bolt, stark against its surroundings. It creates a sort of optical illusion. You’re not sure if the cabinets are painted barely there blue or if the island is just reflected against the dull white paint.

pastel palette kitchen colors

Pastel Palette

Will pastels ever go out of style? Probably not anytime soon, which means now is as good a time as any to paint your kitchen in pastel hues. True to the palette, the only truly solid color in this kitchen is the white cabinets. Everything else, from the pale pink walls, blue shelves, and green tables, look iridescent. The barely-there colors look like a trick of the light in certain angles. It gives your kitchen a soft, dreamy glow to match the possible girly delicate aesthetic of the rest of your home.

yellow kitchen colors


The leading colors in this kitchen are green and yellow. Still, the overall scheme limits itself to subdued hues of primary and secondary colors. Everything from the walls, cabinets, and dishware fits into the scheme. Despite the simpler colors, it creates dimension by contrasting saturated interior with darker glazed dishware.


An industrial-styled kitchen is the closest to looking like famous commercial and test kitchens. It’s minimal and practical, encouraging the utmost focus in anyone who cooks in them. The prominent stainless steel pieces in this kitchen, from the island to the ventilation to the stools, help mimic that effect.

Though with the matte white cabinets and grayish hardwood floor, this kitchen is more transitional than anything, walking a fine line between minimalism and industrial. 

From bright, vivid color to more muted shades, there’s pros and cons to every kitchen color. A bold and striking color might work best for open floor homes if you want to draw the attention of your guests straight to the kitchen. Soft, saturated colors tend to be easier on the eyes.

What kind of energy do you want for your kitchen?

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