14 Home Decor Trends to Mark the Start of 2020

14 Home Decor Trends to Mark the Start of 2020

“It’s 2020,” is a magical phrase. This early in the year, it’s had its fair share of usage. Sometimes spoken with a disparaging undertone, sometimes followed by a promise to do better. Each time, there seems to be the implication that this year, this decade, is supposed to be different. 

As several adages will tell you, you can’t expect ‘different’ without yourself making a significant change. Start your year by making some significant overhauls to your home. 

Replace dented paint and cobwebs with fresh ideas following the home decor trends for 2020. Some of which are familiar classics, some you might not have even considered!

geometric patterns home decor trends 2020

Geometric patterns

The beauty of geometric patterns is that no matter how bold the shapes and colors might be, it’s always reeled back in by the uniformity. This lets you achieve a more modern look, harkening back to the luxurious style of art deco and mid-century modern. Minus the muss and fuss of figuring out how to style the rest of the room to match.

If ‘loud and bold’ doesn’t match your aesthetic, it’s easy to blend the clean lines of geometric designs with the more muted looks. Honeycomb, or hexagon, especially plays well in both contemporary and nature-focused interior.

european details home decor 2020

European details

The recent rise in popularity of Scandinavian interior firmly cements the role of European influences in contemporary trends. But they aren’t the only ones making a splash. For 2020, the metal legs and sloping arms of more German- and Italian-inspired furniture take center stage.

These prim white chairs are a favorite, mixing together metal legs with the woven pattern of the next trend.

rattan and wicker home decor trends 2020

Rattan and wicker

Every year, there are “traditional” or retro-inspired looks that make their big comeback. Finding their way out of your grandmother’s living room and expanding beyond the porch deck is rattan and wicker furniture. Rattan easily lends itself to a decorative form, making a perfect statement piece to add to your living room.

The best part is that rattan is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. The trees grow at a whopping speed of 2 or more centimeters per day. If you were ever worried about the number of trees made to make your wood wicker furniture, rattan is a near-perfect alternative.

real plants home decor trends 2020

Real plants

Heavy use of plastic has turned into a cultural faux pas. That includes the fake plants that might litter your rooms. 

We get it. Plants add charm to the home, but not everyone has a green thumb. Some of us barely have enough time to take care of ourselves, much less several plants.

This is an age-old concern. So much so that there have since been countless articles detailing wide varieties of low-maintenance indoor plants. There has never been a better time to try and maintain houseplants, especially since experts predict they’ll dominate living spaces this year.

vintage accents home decor trends 2020

Vintage accents

Victorian era accents in an otherwise contemporary home is a beautiful way to make a statement. This waiting room handles the vintage details with a light touch, focused on the smaller details like patterns, tassels, and arcs in the wall. In contrast, the more substantial aspects, such as wall paint, are firmly contemporary in their hue.

It’s a way to soften the effect of having a “vintage home” without the risk of looking old and dusty.

recycled materials home decor trends 2020

Recycled materials

The overarching theme for 2020 seems to be nature and restoration, affected in no small part by the climate crisis and a global need to practice conscious consumption. Thus, the proper term for this trend is “biophilia.” The basic idea behind it is to create an environment that looks organic and natural, while still functioning correctly as furniture and looking elegant.

It’s an admittedly tough ask, especially since manufactured and mass-produced items are more accessible. But one easy way to jump on the trend is to find furniture made from recycled materials. Color irregularities and rough textures add to the effect.

antique art home decor trends 2020

Antique art

Of course, if you don’t mind vintage pieces that actually look old and a little worn, no one’s stopping you from following your aesthetic bliss. In fact, antique art pieces where the paper’s turned slightly yellow seem like the best match for the biophilia furniture featured on this same list.

This all-wooden living room, with a vinyl player and records, has some rough features. Unfinished art with traces of the sketch lines still visible. Wooden furniture with uneven and dark markings. It’s a dedicated and conscious design choice.

Overall, it’s surprisingly cozy. It’s reminiscent of your hometown and going on vacations as a child.

upholstered wall home decor trends 2020

Upholstered wall

You can never have enough softness in your home and, thankfully, trendy upholstered walls now give you an excuse to add more! First, the extra padding could make your common spaces more child-friendly. In terms of minimizing damage, in case they hit their heads on the wall. And to protect the wall from possible reckless handling by the children.

Second, since they’re a customized feature from the get-go, you can choose how much or how little you want to add. You can install it to cover half of a wall. Instead of an accent, you can just use it as a comfier alternative to a headboard in your bedroom.

Or you can go all out on the coverage and material like in this home for a fun pop art look to your space!

kitchen art home decor trends 2020

Kitchen art

Considering how much activity happens in the kitchen, design trends for the room tend to focus on functionality. Islands that double as cabinets, marble counters that are easy to wipe off, paint colors that make you more energized or give you more of an appetite. Everything needs to do something.

So, the pivot to making the kitchen an actually comfortable room you can spend time in has been a long time coming. 

First on the list of purely decorative items you can add to the room are art. This simple addition will help your kitchen feel more personable. Like it fits more in a home than in a studio for filming.

classic blue home decor trends 2020

Classic blue

We know, we’ve recommended this paint color for your kitchen, your bedroom, and your living room by now. At this point, we’re a hair’s breadth away from just suggesting you paint your entire house in classic blue. But there’s a good reason. 

Backed by research on color trends, the Pantone Color of the Year then ends up as the color trend to follow when the Institute releases a line of products and palettes to encourage the use of the hue. 

Even if it’s a bigger deal in branding and digital marketing, you’re about to see the color everywhere. So, it’s about to get wildly accessible across the board, from prints to fabric. Incorporating classic blue in your design plans gives you multiple possibilities on how to use it.

maximalism home decor trends 2020


More is more. After basking in glory for so long, the minimal aesthetic is receding, to be replaced by its natural successor. Maximalism has propped up as a reaction to the bare elegance of the former. In contrast, it’s primary goal is to fill the room, each part a feast of visual pieces. 

Adopting maximalism for your home can be as simple as hanging enough paintings to fill a wall or bringing home trinkets to cover every table surface. It’s achieving boldness through a mixture of patterns and colors.

There’s just one rule: keep to saturated colors, so you don’t end up shocking guests to stunned silence with your extravagant home.

high contrast home decor trends 2020

High contrast

“High contrast” means that in one picture, or a room, in this case, the darker colors are dark and the light ones are bright. At the extreme, it’s like putting Vantablack and Spectralon in the same room.

Black and white decor are the mainstays for a high contrast interior, but there’s a wheel of colors to choose from. Just remember to pick hues at opposite ends of the saturation!

fun bathroom home decor trends 2020

Fun bathroom

If you religiously maintained an elegant aesthetic for every room in your home, then, first of all, kudos to you! But wouldn’t you want a place where you can let your hair down, figuratively and literally? Somewhere just for you?

The bathroom, especially the master bathroom in larger homes, can act like that very sanctuary. Skip the white paint and go with something more fun to look at for when you duck your head in the shower.

In this bathroom, there’s a beautiful 8-bit pattern of a floral landscape. It’s both chic and sophisticated in its use of color and subject matter. But the reference to old school video games resonates with the one who’s secretly still a child at heart.

feminine tones home decor trends 2020

Feminine tones

Makeup and fashion trends have fully bled through to interior design, allowing more feminine tones like this blush pink to look subtle and sophisticated. Perfectly acceptable as a wall color, whereas it might have been disparaged not too long ago. The reflective properties of the cabinet and fittings blend well into the room to create a relaxing monochrome.

There’s a unique blend of trends this year, from bold and loud color use to the more laidback appreciation of nature details in the home. It’s funny how they seem to reflect the positive sentiment that 2020 seems to promise. Now is the time to be unapologetically yourself while still being responsible and conscious global citizens.

Are you planning to follow the trends for the year?

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