12 DIY Home Office Decorations to Get Through Your Midweek Slump

12 DIY Home Office Decorations to Get Through Your Midweek Slump

Setting up a home office is, arguably, the easy part. You just need to clear out space for it in the living room, bedroom, or in free closet space in your apartment.

The real challenge comes with trying to find office supplies that match the rest of your interior. Matte black and steel gray are great colors for your actual office building and if you already have an industrial theme going. They’re not the best when you need more feminine furniture. The rigid, straight lines don’t match bohemian either.

So, when your local Home Depot doesn’t provide you with pretty options, what do you do?

You can hunt them down in flea markets or you can save yourself a lot of time by making your supplies yourself. They’ll be perfect right out of the box, because you’ll design them exactly as you need them!

For ideas on what to do for your DIY home office, we’ve rounded up a list below:

So, when your local Home Depot doesn’t provide you with attractive options, what do you do?

You can hunt them down in flea markets, or you can save yourself a lot of time by making your supplies yourself. They’ll be perfect right out of the box because you’ll design them precisely as you need them!

For ideas on what to do for your DIY home office, we’ve rounded up a list below:

golden polka dots diy home office

Golden polka dots

If you’re working with minimal space, then a roll of wallpaper might leave too much space if you’re only planning to decorate an accent wall. Plus, they’re not the friendliest materials if you’ve spent your life avoiding arts and crafts with a passion.

When you have just a simple design in mind, say, polka dots falling from your ceiling, there’s room to improvise. 

To replicate this room, you need to find the right gold metallic paper. There’s gold mylar, vinyl, and foil paper to choose from. Cut them into circles and stick them onto your wall as desired. 

Go ahead and buy canvas artwork with prominent and shining gold to complete the look!

Pastel punk shelves

Black and white monochrome interiors are a little dated these days. A pop of color and patterns make a room’s design feel bolder. 

Instead of settling for a pure white drawer in a black room, why not give it a makeover with some paint? Grab two cans of paint, in different colors, and a stencil to paint along for a pattern.

You can even switch out the knobs to match. It’s an easy enough project as long as you have the right screws and a trusted Youtube guide.

framed dividers diy home office

Framed dividers

We’ve lauded peg boards before for their use and practicality. However, a hardwood pegboard is usually no smaller than 43 inches width, which is a bit excessive if all you wanted was a functional accenting fixture behind your monitor.

If you only need to hang papers and photos, consider this as an alternative. A lighter steel frame, set between your desk and the wall, and decorated with fairy lights and sheer fabric. Add more personality to your frame by using a colorful assortment of pins and clips.

ring clips diy home office

Ring clips

When you need to hang photos and documents for a better view, a smooth and slippery metal rod is probably far from your mind. Honestly, it’d be difficult to hang them on a rod even if you have a ton of tape at your side.

If for whatever reason, a metal rod is all you have to hang things on, you can attach clips to ringlets. They give off the vibe of dark rooms and old school photo processing. It also vaguely reminds one of detective thrillers and suspect photos and news clips pinned to the wall. 

Colorful mail slot

What does a workday look like for you? Are you the type of employee who’ll have a stack of documents to sign on the one hand and another stack of correspondence on the other? If that’s the case, you might want to organize your mountains of text by making a mail slot.

Featuring yet another clever use of pegboards, this photo shows a custom mail slot. All you’ll need for this project is an empty cereal box, paint, and scissors, and a couple Command strips to hang them.

Get an additional binder so you can further organize your mail according to importance or date of receipt.

Color block shelves

Two-toned walls are a modern trend we can get behind. They add visual interest to a minimal look without breaking the clean lines required of the aesthetic. It’s one option when you’re going for a monotone interior that’s far from bland. Depending on the colors you use, it could fit and add intrigue to any design choice.

It’s just… it might seem a little weird when there’s a line separating your walls, but your shelves stay one single color. It takes you out of the illusion. 

If you really want to emphasize your two-toned walls, use the leftover paint for other tall furniture. Use a pencil or other marker to remember where the separation should be once they’re pressed against the wall. 

Take the notion of furniture “that blends into the wall” into a whole other context.

Clipboard organizers

Another pegboard alternative, but this time, it’s for small and reasonably lightweight tools. Buy a couple clipboards, which come in packs of three for a relatively affordable price, and hang them to your wall with mounting tape.

You can paint your clipboards if you buy the wooden versions versus the plastic ones. Hang a few of them, and you can create a makeshift gallery for artwork and family photos.

Or you can use them as organizers. Find a couple of hard paper envelopes and clips and stick them to the wood. They’re capable of holding pens and small scissors, but probably not a stapler.

Office sign

Often found at your dentist’s clinic and similar establishments (are all doctors fond of flippy signs? Is this something?), you can hang a sign on your home office door to create boundaries. Let your housemates know when it is and is not okay to disturb you with requests for head pats, treats, and playtime. 

Remember that BBC consultant whose kids barged in on his office while he was reporting live? Yeah, cute as it is, that’s the kind of situation you might want to avoid during work hours.

You can use hardwood or plywood for the base frame. Install a rod in the middle, so you can spin the reversible sign. Then, just decorate as needed with paint, washi tape, and stickers.

Floral magazine rack

There are no restrictions when it comes to DIY. Sometimes it means projects built entirely from scratch like as though you’re stuck in a desert island and, thus, would need to forage everything yourself.

And sometimes, it means building something from IKEA and customizing it however you want. In this photo, they used decor stamps to add flowers to the magazine rack.

Decor stamps are precisely as they sound like. They’re stamps you can use on any surface – fabric, furniture, and your walls – to add a decorative touch that you might’ve otherwise needed painting skills to produce. All you have to do is dip the stamps in paint, lie your surface flat, and carefully stick on the design.

Eco-friendly planters

Always wanted a mini-garden in your workspace, but your room doesn’t have the space or sunlight necessary for it? Even if they’re a little passe, there’s always a time and place for plastic, and they’re entirely acceptable this time.

If you’ve already done a few of these projects, you might have extra hardwood boards lying on hand. Use a power tool to drill holes into it and wrap twine around it if you want it to hang.

After that, you can take paper cups, cut them in half, and glue them one to the board. Add a bit of fake mulch in the “pot” and fit your leafy greens into the limited space. 

They won’t give you extra oxygen like real plants, but they also don’t require as much maintenance. If you ask us, that’s enough of a balance between the pros and cons to do it.

Rainbow drawers

When you want something bright and fun, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow color scheme. Drawers, with their natural divisions that don’t require you to painstakingly put down seven parallel and straight lines, are the best for this.

Get paint colors in saturated, almost neon or pastel hues to make them a lively sight. If you can take the whole shelf out of the drawer, do so. Paint the entire tray in one color to give your project more polish.

Of course, this idea works with most color palettes, not just rainbows. Find the perfect one on sites like COLOURlovers and ask your local Home Depot for color matches.

Honeycomb shelves

Geometric patterns are all the rage for 2020. Among them, no shape deserves to be put on your office wall more than the honeycomb or hexagon. Reminiscent of “busy bees,” these shelves are bound to up your productivity by the double digits! If not, they’re genuinely pretty to look at when you’re idle.

This project requires wood and quite a bit of carpentry skills, however. If terms like “miter saw”, “wood screws”, and “corner brackets” are familiar to you, then you’re in luck. You have a higher chance of perfecting these shelves than those who don’t.

With determination and quite a bit of trial and error, you can create better combs as you gain experience.

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